Fort Lauderdale Prep School (FLP) is a regular school that has a small program (within the school) for students who are in need of something more than is available in a traditional public or private school. There is an enormous unmet educational need for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. FLP can provide these services and give your son or daughter a safe education and social environment.

How children learn on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and why Fort Lauderdale Prep School is the best private school for them

In recent years, more and more children have been diagnosed with autism or autistic spectrum disorders, including high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Additionally, students who are non-verbal generally need special-education settings.

How Autism Spectrum Disorder Students Learn

These students are gifted in particular areas, and are quite bright. They may show talents such as a well-developed vocabulary or the high level ability to do math. Autism Spectrum Disorder kids often also have an area of great interest, which may be in a narrow area, such as subway cars or certain kinds of animals. However, they need a great deal of structure and routine, and sometimes react negatively to changes in schedules. They tend to have trouble making transitions, and they usually need advanced warning when their schedules are going to change. Sensory issues that make them sensitive to loud noises or to smells or textures are also indications that have to be considered. Many students with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulty communicating about their wants and needs. Even though their vocabularies may be sophisticated, they may struggle with the practical aspects of language. We provide the understanding to help.

Which Accommodations Autism Spectrum Disorder Students Need

While Autism Spectrum Disorder students are often bright, they usually need accommodations or modifications in their curriculum or classroom, including changes that are reflected in their Individual Education Plan, (IEP). At Fort Lauderdale Prep, we provide the students with learning issues or other disabilities, the accommodations and modifications, which are necessary for these students to handle the curriculum and to succeed. We give these students the opportunity to be able to enjoy learning in a safe environment. Our support is there for them.

What is the Best Placement for Students with Autism Disorder/Asperger Syndrome?

Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger Syndrome students thrive at Fort Lauderdale Prep School. Some students may also need additional services such as counseling or occupational or speech and language therapy which can be provided outside of school. While they are with us, FLP meets the needs of these students. Our safe and caring environment encourages trust and comfort and enhances the socialization process.

We require parents to visit the school with the child to make sure that the school can offer the right academic program. Being a small school by design we offer a lot of individualized instruction to meet the needs of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In other words, we offer a student a higher-level class in an area in which he or she excels, while still providing a warm structured environment to help students improve their ability to interact with other children and teachers. With these types of services, our students are very successful.

We look forward to meeting with you and your child and getting to know you personally.

Thank you for considering Fort Lauderdale Prep School.