Director’s Message

Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School offers a classical, liberal arts education. We have been family-owned and family-oriented for more than almost 40 years. We are proud winners of the Broward County Gold Seal of Excellence Award for Education over two dozen times. Our mission is to educate young people to develop self-discipline, lifelong love of learning and service to others.

We are a small school by design, and our intimate setting enhances the educational experience for each of our students. We understand how crucial these years are to children – how important the formative years of study can be to students seeking a step up in life.

Our smaller setting accentuates the one-on-one relationship between teacher and student. It may lack the “bells and whistles” of larger, private institutions, but we are in no way lacking in resources. Our style of education at FLPS enriches the learning experience among students in the classroom, where students spend the bulk of their time. It creates the kind of community involvement that we believe can be, and should be, encouraged beyond the classroom.

Each student will find ample opportunity for growth and development. Our advanced students participate in individualized educational programs that offer Advance Placement (AP) coursework and honors classes that will propel them toward success in higher education. Students in need of academic support will find it here, as we have more than a 30-year history of turning ‘diamonds in the rough” into true life success stories.

At Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School we offer comprehensive education without compromise. We begin with a simple concept: No one is born a good student. You must learn and develop proper study skills in order to excel in academics, as you would in any other endeavor. We teach our students how to take notes, organize themselves and how to prepare for and take exams. With a structured program and constant supervision we help students prepare for their college education on their path to adulthood.

Our research shows that students who are encouraged early to pursue academic success with passion have a much higher rate of success. Our personal experiences echo that sentiment. At FLPS, our talented faculty and staff members provide the support, encouragement, discipline and love to lead our students closer to achieving their goals.

But we realize that we cannot do it alone. Parents place their trust in us. And our policy of clear and regular communication with parents guarantees that they are part of the children’s school lives.

As parents and guardians, you are the frontline educators in the home and in all areas of life outside of the classroom, and we know it. So do the students. We encourage our parents to get involved at FLPS – every step of the way.

Help your children with their homework. Attend their school functions. Challenge them toward higher academic achievement. Build the confidence of each student with the love only a parent or guardian can provide. By combining forces among parents and FLPS educators, our students will exceed all expectations.

And as part of our open policy, I encourage you to contact me directly. If there are improvements you’d like to see at FLPS, please let me know. If you’d like to make suggestions on how to enhance the learning environment at our school, you are welcome to do so. We are in this together and I’m all ears.

Please contact me directly by phone at (954) 485-7500 or email: We want to keep the communication lines open and the great ideas flowing freely.

Best regards and bold wishes for a wonderful and successful school year.

Anita Lonstein, Director
Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School