Visiting Winter Students

Fort Lauderdale Prep School accepts winter/spring or ‘vacation’ students.

Many families find themselves in South Florida for work or vacation for an extended period of time.  At Fort Lauderdale Prep (FLP) we can provide a friendly, safe and enriching learning environment for short-term students.

If growing a student’s English skill is a priority – nothing is better than immersion in a small environment. Students who are with us from one to several months are integrated into our student body and quickly become part of our ‘small school’ family. We can complete work sent by a home school or furnish students with appropriate level schoolwork. Grades and/or academic performance summaries can be prepared for students to take home with them.

Our visiting student population has created countless new long distance friendships. We view this added program as a wonderful opportunity for our students to view the world in a broader way and to embrace new people and cultures around the world.

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