At Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School learning is a lifelong pursuit. It begins with the Kindergarten students and how they are nurtured in education. From their earliest formation, FLPS students are challenged to develop and learn as individuals and within the dynamic of small teams. They grow in confidence, all with the ability to believe and achieve.

By working with others at Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School, individual knowledge blossoms. It has been proven by our superior test scores but you can also see it in the wide eyes of students who hunger for education and opportunity. And a little bit of fun. Whether they realize it or not, our students are our best and proudest ambassadors.

FLPS students receive private, personalized education. Students gain confidence as they learn and eagerly share that knowledge with others. From the formative years all the way through to 12th grade, our students shape the future of America from within the boundaries of our campus.

Take a look around. These are children of all religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. They are our future astronauts, entrepreneurs, nurses, philanthropists, and doctors. They are our future artists, athletes, entertainers, educators, Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and so much more. FLPS provides the platform on which these young achievers are building their successful future as professionals, as adults and as parents.

At Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School, students who seek knowledge can achieve wisdom. And we understand this important distinction. The transformation of knowledge to wisdom may not be complete for many years, but the foundation is laid early and strengthened every day.

It’s really no mystery as to why we’re so successful. All you have to do is look inside.

In our classrooms you’ll find teachers who inspire with expertise and imagination. You’ll see students who have the courage to speak and listen as they grow their own dreams. Right here in your own neighborhood, FLPS provides an oasis of learning for families who understand and appreciate the true value of private education, and have the ambition and confidence to claim it as their own and for their children.

Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School is family-owned and family-oriented. It has been from the start. We embrace our mission to educate and will not be satisfied with mediocrity and the status quo. You shouldn’t be either. Our pledge to the parents and students who support FLPS is consistent – we’re teaching students invaluable lessons for life.

At Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School, we’re dedicated to affordable academic excellence within our Fort Lauderdale community. We have a proud history of preparing students to become lifelong achievers. And we won’t be satisfied until all of our students, regardless of background, are given the tools they’ll need to succeed.

You’re welcome to join us at Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School. We encourage you to visit and become part of our diverse and dynamic community. FLPS delivers excellence in the form of education to all who choose to find it here. It’s a place to grow your dreams.

We bring a world of education and opportunity to your community. Come, discover your future at Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School. Find your place in this world.