Upper School

Upper School (Grades 7-12) students at Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School are growing each year to maximize their talent and potential. In every facet of their lives – academically, socially, physically – our students keep a sharp eye on fun, fulfillment and individual achievement. These are the years that Middle School students dreamed about – the “top of the food chain” students at the head of an accomplished, disciplined and successful student community.

Upper School students at FLPS are poised for accomplishment. They are encouraged by our faculty to accelerate critical thinking and problem solving skills that will serve them academically and among their peers. Self-esteem and self-motivation are critical to the growth of students in this age group, and Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School provides just the right environment for a bountiful harvest.

The interconnected nature of this age group lends itself well to learning success. But when the positive spirit for achievement is nurtured, all things are possible. FLPS knows how to extract the best from these students, so your children can feel smarter, safer and more enthusiastic about lifelong learning.

You can feel confident that your child will receive the best education inside and out of the classroom at FLPS. Our students excel because they are constantly challenged to push the envelope with new discoveries about their studies, their surroundings and themselves.

Our Upper School students are focused on achievement at all levels of their lives, and our faculty members know how to get the best out of them. These students are enjoying their lives as teens, but are eager to become young adults. No challenge is too daunting. Everything is within their reach.

Upper School students at FLPS will become leaders in our neighborhoods and key contributors to our society, economy and national identity. Getting them there safely and with confidence is part of our mission at Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School.

A rigorous college preparation curriculum provides ample challenge for each individual student. Our commitment at FLPS is to provide a rich educational experience for our students. A comprehensive education here affords them the opportunity to acquire a greater appreciation for knowledge and a respect for lifelong learning.

Dedication to study, the ability to listen and learn, and the discipline to rise to new challenges are key attributes in the formation of our Upper School students. Our students know that what will distinguish them among a competitive field of peers must first flourish at the Upper School level at FLPS. It’s what sets them apart from the ordinary and leads them to extraordinary success in life.

Most of the students at FLPS are moving confidently toward college and university enrollment. More than 98% of them will matriculate at higher education institutions throughout the country and world. Their success is the culmination of our cumulative effort to educate and develop young minds into great leaders.

FPLS offers a host of challenging academic and extra-curricular opportunities for our students to explore their talents and develop into excellent students. These offerings include:

  • Full scope of academic subjects
  • Advance placement courses
  • Integrated computer curriculum
  • Dual enrollment at local colleges
  • Emphasis on decision making and problem solving
  • Fine arts
  • Foreign language instruction
  • Personal financial management
  • Fitness and sports programs
  • SAT/ACT preparation
  • Summer School/study skills
  • Community service internships/child development internships
  • More than 98% of our students attend college

Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School has a proud history of academic achievement. Our students are the best ambassadors of our success. The Upper School students represent the best of what we have to offer at FLPS. From the early stages of their academic formation to the accelerated growth at each stage of educational development, our students are the source of great pride.

No one knows what the future will bring for our country and our society. But we are confident that whatever comes our way, FLPS students will be prepared and ready to lead with integrity, intelligence and a firm foundation of support and encouragement.

We’re Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School. Inspiring talent and imagination.