Parent Testimonials

Good morning –

Thank you to everyone involved in the decision to select RJ as the FLPS representative for HOBY. He had an amazing time! He met some terrific people and gained a lot of information. I wish you all could’ve been there to see how positively everyone reacted to him. It was amazing. They have all the groups walk across the stage to receive a participation document and, for the most part, everyone got their big clap of applause. People were yelling his name and doing war whoops when he walked across. I had many people, adult volunteers and his peers, come up to me and tell me what a great kid he was and how much they enjoyed meeting him. Every time I turned around some one was pulling him in to a picture or swapping telephone numbers with him. It was outstanding!

Thank you for your support of both the kids. I truly do appreciate it and I know that I am blessed to have chosen the right school for my children.

Shawn Alexander Skidmore
Director, Client Services
ILD Corp

Mrs. Lonstein,

I’m writing to thank you for providing a quality education for my children. I was beginning to think there was no place for my boys who were spirited, but by no means exceptional. The agenda-driven public schools with their crowded classrooms had little patience for individual differences. Teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic took a back seat to social experimentation and the latest educational fads. At this point, learning cursive handwriting is now no longer required at my child’s public school, correction of spelling errors is thought to harm creativity so many never master it, and moral relativism is the order of the day. A friend recommended FLPS after her son who’d been foundering in a public school came here. He received remediation targeted toward his weaknesses and turned it all around. I enrolled my sons seeking no more than a decent education which was a given when we were growing up. I was pleased with the quality and caring approach. From day one, it was clear how reasonable those in charge were. I could discuss any concerns I had, confident that a living, breathing, committed professional was truly listening rather than my words falling on deaf ears. I was used to bureaucratic types irritated I was taking up their time. Instead, here we had a partner in finding solutions for success. This flexibility in dealing with us, and the respect we were shown, put us at ease lending an old-fashioned security, but this is not some little ol’ schoolhouse. While appreciation of the classics is preserved, there’s an eye toward the increasingly technological nature of our society and preparing children for it. My husband says our son became a computer whiz during his years here and now asks him for help with tricky downloads. In addition, students are instilled with a social conscience which is essential in an ever more complex world.

I can finally relax knowing my children are in a safe educational environment. The teachers are welcoming, but firm in their commitment to high standards. Decorum is maintained aided by a dress code and these educators do not shrink from discipline. With smaller class size and a multilevel approach, students are nurtured and geared for success. The need for a school like this has never been greater. It is an oasis in a modern no-man’s-land of disintegrating values, powerful peer pressure and a barrage of mixed and often harmful messages to those most vulnerable by influential media. In fact, my middle school age daughter will be attending this year as well. All of our children are at risk so I want to thank you once again for providing a life raft for concerned parents like us. We feel fortunate to have FLPS in our area. Never go away!

Dr. Nancy Geller

FLPS has definitely put a spark in my son’s eye! He has had an unbelievable response to learning and sharing what he has learned in school. Everyday is a new adventure. The teachers and staff are very prompt and are always willing to assist however they can. The communication between teachers and parents is one of a kind. FLPS is absolutely a first-class, family-atmosphere school.

Alexus Maxwell

Dear Director Lonstein,

This letter is to communicate to you how impressed I am with Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School and the education and social development it has afforded my daughter Gabriella McIntosh in her 10th year of attendance.

I have watched how much she has grown in both her intellectual and social skills over the years; her interpersonal skills and maturity are impressive, and I do not think that any other schools in Broward County could have fostered and catered to her development in such profound ways. Her grades have been excellent with her making the National Honor Society’s roll for the past consecutive four years. This clearly demonstrates how well Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School prepares students to be college-ready and how serious your staff and faculty are about the school’s mission and student achievements.

Please continue to foster the high degree of excellence and care that leads to the level of intellectual and social development I see in my child, as I am sure other parents are extremely joyful to see how much Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School values their children’s education and development.

On behalf of my family and daughter, I am truly grateful and commend you and your staff very highly for effective leadership and dedication.

Sarah McIntosh

Dear FLPS staff,

Fort Lauderdale Prep has been phenomenal for my child. I believe in high educational standards, and Fort Lauderdale Prep holds fast to these beliefs. The education he receives far surpasses the standards set by our state’s public school system. The school also has a very family oriented atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone else’s name. People are greeted as they enter and exit the campus. Financial, social, and physical hardships are recognized as a part of life and handled with care. Although sometimes the funds are limited as a single parent, and thoughts of pulling him out have crossed my mind several times, Moses expresses that he loves FLP. He feels he would not have friends like Jada, Corvin, Neah and McKenzie at a new school – and no one at his new school would treat him like Ms. Yvette and Ms. Kelly. I could not be more pleased with FLP and the obvious bond shared with both students and staff. We thank you for your efforts and all you do.

Tara Jones-Frazier

Fort Lauderdale Preparatory has exceeded my expectations in educating my daughter, there’s no doubt that my daughter is getting a first-rate education. I see tremendous progress and change in her since being enrolled at FLPS. In addition to opportunities to excel, she also gets the chance to participate in a range of activities where she doesn’t have to be the best in order to be valued. I can count on FLPS to challenge and nurture my daughter, and to reinforce the values that she gets from me as a parent. The daily commitment and dedication of the faculty and staff to each student enhances the experience of learning and diversity, which is extremely important in today’s world. My daughter feels that the teachers and staff here are like family. That says and means a lot! Enrolling my daughter at FLPS has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would refer and encourage any parent seeking well-rounded, challenging educational programs; a family oriented, safe and clean environment and exceptional school. Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School is the place for your child or children to attend. They give a solid foundation not only for learning, but for life. I will continue to support and cherish FLPS. FLPS is a blessing to my family!

Shelly Lowe

Fort Lauderdale Prep School is the best! Each of our 3 children were treated as individuals. With two that have graduated and one still in high school, we couldn’t have found a better school. This school strengthens any weakness and finds each student’s strength. It is a small school where everyone cares about the student’s success. Our sons in college have maintained their scholarships and one has made Dean’s List and Honor Society in his freshman year. We feel their success in college is because FLPS taught our children how to learn and truly prepared them. Thanks for giving them a strong foundation on which to build their futures.

Mr & Mrs David Tacher

Donald has been a student at Ft. Lauderdale Preparatory School for eight years. Prior to Donald’s enrollment, he was shy. During his years at FLPS, he has overcome his shyness, is outgoing and no longer fears in speaking in public. He carries himself with high self esteem and speaks boldly and proudly in class which he has not done before.

Although the school’s curriculum is challenging, they see that each student can accomplish tasks given to them. While attending FLPS, Donald has achieved those challenging tasks. Today and for the past four years, Donald has achieved and maintained his Honor Roll and National Honor Society status. Donald provides tutoring assistance to others for them to achieve their goals. His accomplishment is not only due to his encouragement from his family, but from the entire school and administrators. They have an open-door policy and students can meet with their teachers regarding any questions they may have.

At FLPS, they are there for their students and encourage them to succeed and to achieve beyond their means. As a parent, choosing a school for your child is very difficult because you want your child to have the best education and FLPS is that school.

Mr. Smith