National Honor Society 2022/2023

National Elementary Honor Society (Grades 4-6)

  • Michelle Francois
  • Malia Givens
  • William Lloyd
  • Kydrane’ Willie

National Junior Honor Society (Grades 7-9)

  • Santina Augustine
  • Job Celicourt
  • Jovannah Charles

National Honor Society (Grades 10-12)

  • Winston Blackman
  • Deazah Fernandez
  • Dylan Lewis
  • Madison Lewis
  • Marsha Moreau
  • Bently Ylteus

Induction Ceremony Program Language
In addition to SCHOLARSHIP, the criteria listed below were used in the selection of our inductees:


  • constantly exemplifies desirable qualities of personality
  • upholds principles of morality and ethics
  • cooperates by complying with school regulations
  • demonstrates highest standards of honesty and reliability
  • shows courtesy, concern and respect for others
  • observes instructions and rules
  • has powers of concentration and sustained attention
  • manifests truthfulness
  • takes criticism willingly


  • willingness to maintain loyal school attitude
  • participates in some outside activities
  • works well with others
  • willingness to render service to the school
  • willingness to do committee and staff work
  • readiness to show courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers and students



  • demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities
  • exercises influence on peers in upholding school ideals
  • contributed ideas that improve the civic life of the school
  • is able to delegate responsibilities
  • inspires positive behavior in others
  • demonstrates academic initiative
  • demonstrates leadership
  • is thoroughly dependable



I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the:
National Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society
National Elementary Honor SocietyTo which I have been selected;
I will be true to the principles for which it stands;
I will be loyal to my school;
And will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.