Preparation for lifelong learning begins well before the morning school bell rings. At Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School, our 4-year-old Pre-K students are ready to learn from the moment they step foot on our campus.

Our students are eager to learn and socialize. They’ve been preparing for this moment for years. And their parents are an integral part of the learning process. Because FLPS is a place to grow your dreams.

At our Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), children develop the habits that will make them students for life. Creativity is nurtured and encouraged, and it opens a world of future learning.

Students learn about friendships and sharing, courtesy and discipline. The basics of “reading, writing and arithmetic” serve as academic investments on future accomplishment.

Our children also learn through play, which is essential at this critical stage of development.

FLPS offers a solid balance of active (interactive) and passive (quiet) activities, such as art, music, drama, story-time and physical education.

We liken our TLC to a garden, and the kids eagerly grasp the concept. Plant the seeds of opportunity, nurture their growth with encouragement and interaction, and watch your labors bear fruit. Each child brings new personality and learning challenges, but our teachers are well-versed in knowing just how to maximize the educational growth of every student.

Security. Self-control. Self-awareness. Practical knowledge. These are the ingredients for our successful Pre-K education at FLPS.

We’ll have fun while learning and you’ll be amazed at your child’s development. It’s the FLPS way. Because at Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School, even at an early age, we know that the best way to get ahead is to use the one you have.

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